Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette

E-Cigarette Glossary

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Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are designed to give you a simple and satisfying experience without the harmful substances contained in tobacco cigarettes. The benefit of a rechargeable electronic cigarette is that they last for months without the need to replace the hardware.

What Do I get With my Electronic Cigarette?

An Electronic cigarette kit usually comes with a rechargeable battery a charger and cartomizers which contain the e-liquid of your choice. The benefit of  using them is that you can use many different types of cartomizers with the same battery, meaning you can chose the vaping experience to suit your needs after buying your initial starter pack. There’s also a huge range of rechargeable e cigarettes in different flavours strengths and designs so you’re sure to find one to suit your specific needs.

A Range of Flavours and Strengths to Suit You

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