E Cigarette Starter Kit

E-Cigarette Glossary

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E-cig Starter kit

E cigarette starter kits have been designed for first time users of electronic cigarettes and provide them with the essential paraphernalia they need to get started. There are many different E cigarette starter kits on the market to suit all smoking needs and they usually contain; one e-cig, a charger and additional cartomisers (with varied strengths and flavours) to get you started. They work by using a heating element known as an atomizer to vaporise liquid which contains nicotine and flavourings giving smokers what they crave in vapour form.

How do I Use My E-cig?

The smart chip built into most e-cigs will prevent you from inhaling too much nicotine and once the LED light starts flashing you will need to recharge your e-cig. It mimics the actions of smoking a real cigarette whilst giving you much needed nicotine hit and doesn’t contain any of the harmful substances found in real cigarettes. Electronic cigarette starter kits are essential for first time users to get them started on a healthier, safer and more cost effective way of smoking.

Quit tobacco easily with e-cig starter kits

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