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Natural Hayfever Remedies

If you are looking for natural hayfever remedies, then our selection of alternative allergy relief could be for you. We offer multiple kinds of sinus rinse, which are saline-based sachets or solutions to help you get rid of allergy symptoms. From trusted manufacturers such as NeilMed, these products are highly effective against hay fever, dust mite allergies and pet allergies. Other natural remedies for hayfever include HayMax pure organic pollen barrier balm, which protects your nose from pollen and other allergens - preventing the problem. From hayfever balms to nasal sprays, check out our natural hayfever remedies today. 

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Alternative Remedies & Treatments for Allergies Available at Chemist Direct


The most common signs and symptoms of an allergy are wheezing or coughing with shortness of breath, sneezing with a blocked or runny nose, itchy watery eyes, itchy throat and ears or even an itchy rash. If you are not the type of person to take allergy tablets as a treatment, then these Alternatives may be of interest to you in order to help you keep your allergy under control.


Amazing range of Hayfever Balms, Sprays & Remedies 

The Neilmed range can help nasal congestion, Rhynil nasal spray has been shown to be effective in helping treat allergic rhinitis and there is the ever-popular Medisana Medinose which uses light therapy and can almost eliminate allergic symptoms such as congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, and headaches within just a couple of weeks of use.


For help combatting allergies look no further than Chemist Direct

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