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Don't suffer in silence. Treat minor pain, from headaches to joint pain, with a range of painkillers you can trust. Find tablets, creams and gels, from Nurofen, Voltarol and more. Our experienced team of in-house pharmacists work to source the very best pain relief medications and treatments available for our customers. Check out our pain relief products today!

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How do you treat a headache?

Headaches, whether they are general, migraines or tension related, they are one of the most common ailments to affect us in our everyday lives. But when they do hit, all we want to do is lay down and shut our eyes. Unfortunately, as we are busy working people, we cannot afford such a luxury, so instead, we look for headache cures.

Need a sinus headache relief remedy?

We stock an array of headache cures that work almost immediately after taking, from trusted brands such as Nurofen, Solpadeine and Anadin, so that you can simply get on with your day.

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