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Hayfever & Treating Your Baby/Child 
Hay fever, as we know, is an allergic reaction to pollen and this tends to run in families, especially those who also suffer from asthma and eczema. Incidences of hayfever in the under 2's is quite low, and this may be due to the fact that infants of such a young age have not had enough exposure to pollen to have developed an ‘immune response’ to it.
Nevertheless, if your baby has a constant blocked or clear runny nose with itchy, teary eyes or is showing any general signs of discomfort lasting more than a few days during the summer months, then it may be that your child is suffering from hay fever.
Anti-histamines and decongestants are widely available for adults, but not so much young children. At Chemist Direct we stock a small range of suitable oral solutions and treatments for your babies. These include:
Infants & Babies

Neilmend NasaMist Saline Spray is a sterile natural soothing saline spray. Applying a gentle fine mist in the nose is an excellent way to keep the nasal passages moist. It is suitable for adults, children and infants (safe for babies).


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For Aged 1 & Above
Piriton Syrup is an antihistamine syrup which is used to treat the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies in children aged 1 year and over. Piriton Syrup also relieves the itchy skin rash of chickenpox.
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For Aged 2 & Above
Benadryl Allergy Oral Solution offers relief from the symptoms of hay fever, and also dust, pet and skin allergies. Suitable for children aged 2 years and over.
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Zirtek Allergy Solution (Sugar-Free) is specially formulated for children with hayfever and / or skin allergies aged two years and above. The banana flavoured sugar free oral solution can treat hay fever, year round allergies and urticaria (hives and itchy skin rashes).


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Aged 6 & Above



Zirtek Allergy Relief for Children Solution offers once daily relief from symptoms such as sneezing; a runny, blocked up nose; itchy and watery eyes as a result of hayfever or other allergies (eg dust, mould and pet allergies). The oral solutiion is banana flavour, sugar free & suitable for 6 years+.


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Prevention Tips
If your young child is suffering with hay fever symptoms, there are some things you can try to help reduce irritation for them:
  • - Pay attention eye on the pollen count as this will give you a good idea of how much pollen is in the air that day. When it’s high, it’s best to try to keep your baby indoors as much as possible.
  • - It seems pollen levels are at their highest in the morning and the early evening so attempt to restrict outdoor activities at these times on days when the pollen is high.
  • - Also try and avoid airing your baby's clothes and bed sheets outside on days when the pollen is high as they may capture pollen in the fibres and become an irritant later on.
  • - Try to keep car windows closed when travelling and use internal air conditioning systems instead, if you have it.
  • - Wash your baby's hands and face immediately after being outdoors.
  • - Finally, some parents have found that applying Vaseline around the edges of their children’s nostrils helps to reduce sensitivity.