Organic Babycare

Many people never think about natural skin care until they have children. However, once they have a baby, their attention is drawn to what they are applying to their little one’s delicate skin and they start considering whether they should be making more natural choices in skin care products.

Babies often have dry or sensitive skin and some can be prone to eczema, a condition which can be very itchy and uncomfortable for them. Some baby skin conditions can be aggravated by certain ingredients in toiletries and after bathtime is often when parents discover that skin care products could be linked with their baby’s skin problems.

Irritating ingredients in baby skin care products

Some mainstream companies put quite harsh ingredients in their toiletries – even those specifically marketed for use on babies. It is easy to see how lots of parents remain completely unaware of the possible effects of what they are applying to their baby’s delicate skin.

One of the most common ingredients that causes problems for some babies is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, also known as SLS. This is used to make shampoos, shower gels and bubble baths foamy. Unfortunately, it is also known to be a skin irritant and may worsen atopic dermatitis, of which infantile eczema is a type.

Artificial fragrances can also be a problem for babies with sensitive skin. Whilst cheap, nicely-scented products are popular, they can cause reactions in some babies. This is because a fragrance – often listed as parfum on the bottle – is not just one chemical, but a mix of many, one or more of which may cause skin reactions.

Gentle, natural baby products

Fortunately, natural skin care products are available which give parents a gentler alternative. Green People have a whole range of very mild baby products which are made with natural foams and natural scents. The range is known as Organic Babies and it contains a wonderful selection of soothing organic baby products.

Green People have three natural baby washes for you to choose from: Lavender, Chamomile and No Scent. The scented baby washes get their gorgeous fragrances from essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals, whilst the No Scent has no essential oils. All have a brilliant foaming action which is derived from natural ingredients – no SLS. They also double as bubble baths and shampoos which means bathtime is wrapped up in one bottle!