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Gonal F 450iu/0.7ml Pen

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Gonal-f is a human follicle stimulating hormone used to treat infertility in women by stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs. This medicine may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor.

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1. What Gonal-f is and what it is used for

Gonal-f 450 IU/0.75 ml (33 micrograms/0.75 ml), solution for injection in a pre-filled pen.
This medicine is a human follicle stimulating hormone used to treat infertility in women by stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs. This medicine may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor.

2. Before you take Gonal-f


Some medicines or medical conditions may interact with this medicine. Inform your doctor or pharmacist of all prescription and over-the-counter medicine that you are taking. Do not start or stop any medicine without doctor or pharmacist approval. Inform your doctor of any other medical conditions, including thyroid problems, bleeding from urinary or genital tract, allergies, pregnancy, or breast-feeding. Use of this medicine is not recommended if you have a history of undiagnosed heavy or irregular vaginal bleeding, certain cancers affected by estrogen levels (such as breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer), uncontrolled thyroid or adrenal problems, pituitary tumor or other brain tumor, enlarged ovaries or ovarian cysts, or primary ovarian failure. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns about taking this medicine.

3. How to take Gonal-f

Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor. This medicine is sometimes used at home as an injection. If you are using this medicine at home, a healthcare professional will provide detailed instructions for its appropriate use. This medicine comes with a patient information leaflet. Read it carefully. Ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist any questions that you may have about this medicine. This medicine comes in different types of containers for use (vial, pen, etc.). Follow the instructions closely for the type of container that you receive. Make sure that you understand how to properly prepare and measure your dose. If you have any questions about preparing or measuring your dose, contact your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. Do not use this medicine if it is cloudy or contains particles. Store this medicine as directed on the prescription label. If you miss a dose of this medicine, contact your doctor for instructions. Do not use 2 doses at once.


4. Cautions

Do not use this medicine if you have had an allergic reaction to it or are allergic to any ingredient in this product. Do not exceed the recommended dose without checking with your doctor. Keep all doctor and laboratory appointments while you are using this medicine. Laboratory and/or medical tests such as estradiol blood levels or ultrasounds may be done to monitor your condition or to check for side effects. The use of this medicine may result in multiple births (twins, etc.). Discuss this possibility with your doctor. Before you begin taking any new medicine, either prescription or over-the-counter, check with your doctor or pharmacist. Do not use this medicine if you are pregnant. If you suspect that ou could be pregnant, contact your doctor immediately. It is unknown if this medicine is excreted in breast milk. Do not breast-feed while taking this medicine.

5. Possible side effects of Gonal-f

Side effects, that may occur while using this include pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site; headache; stomach pain or swelling; breast tenderness; stuffy or runny nose; or sore throat. If they continue or are bothersome, check with your doctor. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience severe lower stomach pain or swelling, nausea, vomiting, unusual vaginal bleeding, unusual weight gain, severe headache, shortness of breath, chest pain, confusion, or one-sided weakness. An allergic reacion to this medicine is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, or trouble breathing. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.

6. Drug interactions

Drug interactions can result in unwanted side effects or prevent a medicine from doing its job. Use our drug interaction checker to find out if your medicines interact with each other.

7. If you take too much

If overdose is suspected, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately. Symptoms of overdose may include severe stomach pain or swelling, nausea, vomiting, weight gain, severe headache, shortness of breath, and weakness.

8. Additional information

Do not share this medicine with others for whom it was not prescribed. Do not use this medicine for other health conditions. Keep this product, as well as syringes and needles, out of the reach of children. Do not reuse needles, syringes, or other materials. Dispose of properly after use. Ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to explain local regulations for selecting an appropriate container and properly disposing of the container when it is full. 

Gonal F 450iu/0.7ml Pen
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