GlucoMax Success Stories

"I wish I had taken Glucomax as a preventative measure for my joint inflammation, but now I can only take it to help treat it. If I had begun taking it as a preventative measure, I would not have had to suffer with such severe joint pain in my knees. I can say though, that since using GlucoMax the results have been excellent, especially in cold weather where my joints are worse, I feel." -John Peel

""I have had quite bad pain in my hip joint that is due to a wearing away of the cartilage for a few months now, which has been getting progressively worse. I have been using some generic brand of glucosamine for months now, but one month ago I discovered GlucoMax & haven't looked back. I felt immediate pain relief due to decreased inflammation and an increase in movement."- Lewis Jones

""Joint pain is extremely debilitating, and seems to occur more in weight bearing joints. It's my knee that has it. Since using GlucoMax I have diminished pain, increased mobility helping me to adjust to a greater flexibility and all round better mobility. It's such a relief to be practically pain free." -Claire Goodin