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Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops

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Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops - Fusidic acid is active against Staphylococcus aureus and, in particular, against the biotype Staphylococcus intermedius which is a common isolate from clinical cases of canine conjunctivitis.In the cat, ocular bacterial infection is usually secondary to viral, chlamydial or mycoplasmal infection or trauma.

Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops are used for the topical treatment of conjunctivitis associated with an infection of your dog's, cat's or rabbit's eye. Fucithalmic Vet contains a well known antibiotic which kills the bacteria causing this infection.

One drop should be instilled into the eye once or twice daily. Treatment should be continued for at least 24 hours after the eye has returned to normal. If a clinical response is not evident after 5 days following the commencement of administration, the diagnosis should be re-established.

If the animal has one infected eye, it may be advisable to treat both eyes to prevent cross infection. In such cases it is better to treat the uninfected eye first to avoid transferring infection via the tube nozzle.

In cats, the possibility of a primary cause should be investigated and treated if possible.

In rabbits, conjunctivitis may be associated with dacryocystitis and/or dental disease. In such cases, appropriate additional treatment should be instituted.

Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops Directions:

Fucithalmic vet. is used once or twice a day according to your veterinary surgeon's recommendations.

1. For ease of application, it is sometimes helpful if one person holds the animal and another person applies the drops. The animal should be held firmly in the sitting position. Small dogs, cats or rabbits should be placed on a table or similar surface.

2. Remove the discharge and debris from the corners and around the eye with a piece of cotton wool moistened with warm water or a ready-made eye lotion.

3. Remove screw cap.

4. Place one hand under the animal's chin and raise its head up slightly. Hold the head firmly. In the case of a dog, it may be necessary to apply a muzzle to prevent the dog injuring you. In the case of a cat or rabbit, if the animal is difficult to restrain it might be helpful in order to keep the animal in the right position during the administration to wrap the body of the animal in a towel keeping its head clear off the towel (ask your veterinary surgeon for advice regarding this).

5. Treat the uninfected eye first if advised to do so by your veterinary surgeon.

6. Whilst holding the tube between the index finger and thumb of your other hand, place the side of this hand on the animal's head above the eye and use it to pull the upper eyelid upwards to expose the white of the eye. Squeeze one drop of Fucithalmic vet. and allow it to fall onto the eyeball or underneath the upper eyelid making sure that the nozzle does not touch the eye or its surroundings. Then release the eyelid.

7. In some rabbits, it may be easier to pull the lower eyelid down to apply the drop.

8. Repeat this procedure with the infected eye.

9. Replace the screw cap between applications; do not touch the nozzle with your fingers.

10. If twice daily dosing is recommended, repeat this procedure the following morning or evening.

11. Wash hands after applying the product.

12. Complete the course as prescribed by your veterinary surgeon. The normal course is to continue treatment for at least 24 hours after the eye has returned to normal.

Advice on correct administration: Official, national and regional antimicrobial policies should be taken into account when the product is used.

Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops - The drops should not be used if your dog, cat or rabbit is allergic or hypersensitive to the ingredients.

  • Use the drops as instructed by your veterinary surgeon, as Fucithalmic vet. should not be used in specific types of conjunctivitis (associated with Pseudomonas spp.).
  • Adverse reactions: Allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to the active substance or the excipients might occur. Stop using the product if an allergy develops.
  • If you notice any serious effects or other effects not mentioned in the data sheet, please inform your veterinary surgeon.
  • Special precautions for use in animals: When the tube is squeezed, Fucithalmic vet. comes out as a thick (viscous) drop. The drop quickly becomes liquid on contact with tear fluid and does not affect the sight.
  • Care should be taken to avoid contamination of the contents during use, and to avoid the nozzle of the tube coming into direct contact with the eye.
  • You may find a white powder around the eye which is caused when the drops dry out. This is quite normal and is not harmful. It may be wiped off with moist cotton wool.
  • If you forget to use the drops at the right time, use them as soon as you remember. Then go on as before.
  • If there is no improvement after 5 days following the start of the course of treatment, please contact your vet.
  • Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the veterinary medicinal product to animals: Wash hands thoroughly after applying the product.
  • Special warnings: For animal treatment only.
  • For external use only.
  • To be used under veterinary supervision.
  • Do not use the same tube to treat different animals.
  • Once the course of treatment is finished, do not use Fucithalmic vet. again except on the advice of your veterinary surgeon.
  • Withdrawal period: A withdrawal period is not applicable for Fucithalmic vet.
  • Not for use in rabbits intended for human consumption.

Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops - 1 g suspension contains:

Active substance: fusidic acid 10 mg.

Excipients: benzalkonium chloride, 0.1 mg as an antimicrobial preservative, disodium edetate, mannitol, carbomer, sodium hydroxide and water for injections.

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