Frontline Spot On F.A.Q’s

My cat has flea’s what’s the best way to get rid of them?

The best way of getting rid of fleas without a prescription would be to treat the cat with one of the following flea and worming products;

  • Frontline Spot on cat 3/6 pipettes
  • Bob Martin Double Action Spot on cats & small dogs
  • Drontal cat wormer
  • Bob martin spot on dewormer for cats & kittens 2/4 pipettes

Treat the house with one of the following products and vacuum regular

  • Indorex household flea spray
  • R.I.P Fleas household flea spray
  • Bob martin flea fogger plus

Do you have any herbal remedies that can get rid of fleas?

Yes, chemist direct can supply you with herbal flea prevention such as;

  • Johnson’s herbal spot on cat/dog
  • Denes garlic spray/ tablets
  • Johnson’s garlic tablets

Is there a product to soothe irritation from flea bites?

Here are some products we sell that’s great for soothing irritation;

  • Denes mite cream (good for harvest mites and mange mites also)
  • Denes skin balm