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Frezyderm Periodigum Mouthwash

Frezyderm Periodigum Mouthwash


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Frezyderm Periodontitis Mouthwash prevents and reduces periodontitis symptoms.


Frezyderm Periodigum Mouthwash is a fluoride mouthwash that prevents and reduces the symptoms of periodontitis. Its specialised composition, enriched with Chlorexidine, bioactive peptide and Hyaluronic acid, accelerates gum regeneration and prevents the teeth from falling out. It also reduces bone loss, hydrates and heals the gums and prevents the formation of cavities. It has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect while treating dental plaque.

Wash with 10ml of mouthwash for 30 sec, after brushing. Do not swallow. Tip: Hydrating the oral mucosa decreases the risk of caries and periodontitis.

Active ingredients:

Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0,12% w/w & Cymenol confront microbial plaque. Bioactive peptide: Reduces bone loss by activating dental osteoblasts Hyaluronic acid: Compatible to oral mucosa for hydration and healing of gums Fluoride (0.022% Sodium Fluoride 125ppm F-): Protection from caries Myrrh and sage extracts with bisabolol and xylitol offer anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial action. Prolonged taste & freshness


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Frezyderm Periodigum Mouthwash
5.00 stars

Left feeling fresh

Compared to other mouth wash that i have used this has left my mouth feeling cleaner and fresher then compared to others.

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