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My dogs joints stiffening up

Health Article: Daily Mail

Usually conditions that are worse when an animal gets up first thing in the morning are related to inflammation of a joint, and excessive exercise may make the condition more painful.

If your dog does suffer from an arthritic change in the joint, sometimes exercise should not be totally restricted, as this will reduce the joint mobility. Short frequent walks are better than single long ones. However, in some forms of arthritis exercise restriction may be important, especially in the early stages of therapy.

The dietary management of cases like these should also be considered. Obesity, for example, exacerbates arthritis.

Supplements that have been suggested and are available for use in animals suffering from arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases are chondroitin and glucosamine.

They aim to slow the progression of the disease and promote the repair of damaged tissue. In most cases they do appear to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Incidentally, cod liver oil contains vitamin A that is fat-soluble. This vitamin is stored in the liver. Even small excesses can, over time, produce serious results as the effects are cumulative. Excesses can cause problems with the skeleton, and excess in cats, for example, can cause changes to their posture.

As you can see from the different ways of dealing with arthritic pets, it is important that the treatment and care are appropriate to the condition. There have been dramatic advances over the past few years in treatments available for arthritic pets, but each regime has to be tailored to the individual animal.

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