Joint Pain and Arthritis

Joint pain and arthritis caused by sports injuries

Treating and preventing sports injuries & secondary arthritis- Joint injuries are an unavoidable fact of life for most of us involved in sports. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or recreational athlete, your joints are at risk all the time. The pounding and twisting our joints have to endure during normal everyday sporting activities can be absolutely devastating to the surrounding joint tissues.

When discussing "sport injuries” most of us think about the common broken bone or sprained ankle. There is, however, a more insidious kind of sport injury that can remain hidden for years before finally revealing the full extent of its damage. This kind of injury arises from the daily strain that exercise places on the joint and can lead to a lifetime of debilitating pain through the development degenerative joint disease, or arthritis.

When arthritis develops as a result of injuries, it is generally referred to as “secondary” osteoarthritis. This simply means that the deterioration of the cartilage was initially caused by a traumatic injury to the joint.

Each one of our 147 joints has cartilage protecting the bones from coming into contact with one another. It is this cartilage that takes the brunt of the pounding during heavy training. It is also the degradation of this cartilage that results in the development of arthritis.

So, what does all this have to do with athletes? Athletes have an increased risk of developing secondary osteoarthritis as a consequence of sports injury.

Preventing Joint Deterioration.

The wisest approach is to attack joint disease at its origin, the way the body would. FlexiMax can reduce joint damage and diminish pain. The smart athlete is already taking a FlexiMax as a preventive measure. Given its low cost and availability without a prescription, it is a smart move both for the short term and the long one. After all, there is no sense in paying the physical price for doing the things we enjoy doing.