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Festival Essentials at Chemist Direct!
Festival season is here and there’s nothing better than spending a weekend in a sunny field watching great live music. But 5 days without a decent wash or shower can be a nightmare!  
If you’re like me and you love your festivals, you will also know how important it is to look good and stay clean during the weekend. Of course, you don’t want to be carrying all your makeup and toiletries around with you, so here at Chemist Direct we have compiled a list of Festival essentials to let you concentrate on enjoying the music!
Essential item 1 – Cleansing Wipes
You skin will take a battering during the festival. Expect mud, dirt and sweat! Even though you might not feel like it, it’s important to make sure your skin is clean to stop any spot breakouts. Cleansing wipes will unclog pores; clean dirt and oil residue from you face, and leave you feeling fresh. They can also be used to take your make-up off at the end of the day. A perfect multipurpose item!
Chemist Direct recommends:
Carex Refreshing soft cleansing wipes at just 59p, these will leave your hands and face feeling clean, soft and fresh in an instant!
Essential item 2 – Toilet Tissue
It sounds so simple, but if you have ever been to a festival you should know how important toilet tissue is! Festival toilets are not a nice place to visit – Fact! So make it easy on yourself by buying a small pack of toilet roll that you can keep in your handbag for those little emergencies!
Chemist Direct recommends:
At 99p you can’t go wrong with Andrex on the go toilet tissue. The re-sealable toilet roll comes in a convenient handy pack that is perfect for taking with you to a festival. 
Essential item 3 – Dry Shampoo
If you’re going to a longer festival such a Reading or Glastonbury, you could be away from home for up to 5 days without a shower! After a few days, hair can start looking greasy and dull, so it may need a good wash. Why not try a dry shampoo? As the name suggests, the shampoo needs no water but still revitalises hair between normal washes. Dry shampoo is quick and convenient to use wherever you are, and should be enough to keep your hair looking vibrant the whole weekend!
Chemist Direct recommends:
Batiste Dry Shampoo at £1.89 is ideal for long festival weekends. With a beautifully delicate fragrance, it revitalises greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes and instantly leaves your hair feeling clean, full of body and smelling beautiful.
Essential item 4 – Headache & Hangover Treatments!
There’s nothing worse than a hangover and headache after a music filled day. To help you recover from the night before, it’s worth taking something to re-hydrate and re-energise your body ready for the next day.
Chemist Direct recommends:
Resolve Extra is the essential morning after companion at £2.29! It has been specially formulated to help treat the main symptoms of a hangover. Resolve relieves pain, settles a queasy stomach, and relieves all the symptoms associated with overindulgence. It also includes caffeine to enhance the effect of paracetamol.
Essential item 5 – Blemish Stick
A blemish stick is an essential piece of kit if your skin is prone to breaking out in spots, and without a shower for a few days this is more than likely! To keep your skin looking gorgeous, simply dab the blemish stick on as often as you want and preferably as soon as blemishes start to appear. This will keep you fresh faced and looking good all weekend!
Chemist Direct recommends:
Witch Stick is the ultimate in blemish control at £2.79. It works by helping to break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots. It is great for all skin types. Definitely a piece of kit not to be forgotten!
Essential item 6 – Hand Sanitizer
The state of festival toilets is no secret and can become germ heaven after only one day! Hand sanitizers come in perfect pocket size bottles so there is no excuse not to keep your hands clean!
Chemist Direct recommends:
Dettol Healthy Touch Hand Hygiene Gel kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and comes in a compact size, which is idea to carry whilst on the go. At £1.42 it’s definitely an essential piece of festival kit!
Essential item 7 – Sun Lotion
Okay, so British festivals are renowned for being wet and muddy - but you never know when the sun might come out! Don’t get caught without your sun cream, as spending 12 hours in the burning sun with no protection is not fun. There are plenty of sun tan lotions that only need to be applied once and offer you all day protection. This then leaves you free to enjoy the music and festival atmosphere.
Chemist Direct recommends:
£8.45 may sound a lot, but for all-day protection in just one application it’s definitely worth it! Riemann P20 Once a Day Sunfilter is a great product as it only needs to be applied once a day – leaving you free to enjoy yourself. It is also active in as little as 15 minutes.
These essential festival items should enable you to enjoy the whole experience, and most importantly, will keep you looking and feeling great. If you would like to view even more ideas and items, why not visit our Festival Essential store!