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Feliway Diffuser Starter Kit

Feliway Diffuser Starter Kit

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Feliway Diffuser Starter Pack provides you with 1 diffuser plug-in and 1 30-day refill. These help to create a peaceful environment for your cat by releasing a synthetic version of naturally released pheromones, which help your can deal with changes gracefully.

Feliway Diffuser Starter Pack gives you 1 diffuser plug-in unit and 1 30-day refill. These work to help your kitty deal with changes in surroundings or challenges like moving homes or a new family member.

The diffuser is effective in an area of 70 sq meters.

Leading cat behavior product

Feliway is the UKs leading cat behavior product and is trusted by vets worldwide. Feliway Spray is not harmful to humans or other pets.

Feliway Diffusers are developed after years of veterinary research.

How do Feliway Diffusers work?

Happy cats tend to run their heads against furniture or walls and leave behind a substance called facial pheromones.

Feliway Diffusers mimic this pheromone in a synthetic copy which is scientifically proven to help reassure and comfort cats. It releases pheromones that help your cat feel safe and calm in its environment.

The secret to happy cats

Feliway Diffusers can be used to help your cat stay calm and deal gracefully with:

  • Moving houses
  • Travelling
  • Getting used to new pets
  • Adjusting to a new baby or new family members
  • Socialisation
  • Training
  • Loud noises or fireworks
  • Staying in a kennel


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