Eumocream Hydrating Cream FAQ's



What does Eumocream do?

Dry skin is more than a cosmetic problem. Dry skin lacks the moisture and fats (lipids) that act as the mortar in a defensive wall. This wall protects against substances that can irritate or provoke an allergic reaction - leading to skin flare-up. Eumocream has a dermatological formula which had been created to help restore moisture to dry skin. This formula replaces water lost from the skin to help it stay soothed, supple and protected all day long.



Who should use Eumocream?

Everyone who suffers from dry, sensitive, itchy skin and skin prone to flare-up of eczema or dermatitis should use emollient products regularly to keep protective levels of moisture in the skin. Eumocream can also be used whenever everyday activities such as household chores or harsh weather cause the skin to become dry. It is suitable for adults, including the elderly, children and babies.



Why should I use Eumocream rather than other moisturisers?

Eumocream has been specially formulated, to provide concentrated rehydration. Eumocream intensively moisturises the skin to help it stay soothed, supple and protected all day long. Eumocream does not contain any perfume or colourings that can irritate sensitive skin. The effectiveness of Eumocream concentrated rehydration cream has been proven by skin specialists in clinical trials, and was shown to have better moisturising ability than three of the leading branded emollients.



Is Eumocream suitable for sensitive skin?

Eumocream is formulated to care for sensitive skin by replenishing your skin's moisture. Eumocream does not contain any perfume or colourings that can irritate sensitive skin. However, every individual is different and allergy can rarely occur with almost any substance.



Can I use Eumocream anywhere on my skin?

Yes. Eumocream concentrated rehydration cream can be applied anywhere on the body, including the face.



What are the full ingredients of Eumocream?

Aqua: the international term for water. 

Glycerin: the high concentration of this important emollient ingredient helps provide the high moisturising effect of Eumocream 

Glyceryl stearate: an ingredient that helps oily ingredients to mix with water to form a cream, it also has its own emollient properties. 

Cetearyl alcohol: a cream is technically called an emulsion - microscopic droplets of oil suspended in water. This ingredient helps keep the emulsion stable. 

PEG-100 stearate: also helps keep the emulsion stable. 

Synthetic beeswax: natural beeswax has been a valuable emollient ingredient in ointments and creams for centuries, but occasionally can cause an allergic reaction. Synthetic beeswax is purer and so reduces this possibility. 

Dimethicone: a barrier ingredient to help strengthen the skin's defences. 

Citric acid and Sodium citrate: Together they adjust the pH balance of Eumocream. 

4-Chloro-m-cresol: acts as a preservative for the cream.



Should I use other emollients and moisturisers?

As well as emollient creams, dermatologists also recommend emollient bath and shower oils and emollient soap substitutes. These avoid the drying effects of soaps and detergents. Visit our Eczema Shop.