Essential Vitamins for Children


When looking at your child’s health and supporting their development, the subject of vitamins does come up. In this Chemist Direct article, it will discuss the essential vitamins that can help benefit your child’s growth and development.

Should your Child take Vitamins?

Should you be giving your children vitamins? It is a question most mums and dads ask themselves, especially new parents.

Should you be giving your children vitamins? It is a question most mums and dads ask themselves, especially new parents.

It is also recommended that babies, while they’re being breastfed, to be given a daily vitamin D supplement from birth. However, babies who are having more than a pint of infant formula a day would not need this.

Why Should Children take vitamin A Supplements?

Vitamin A is essential for babies and young children as it is vital in strengthening their immune system. It is also important for supporting their vision in dim lighting as well as keeping their skin healthy.

While Vitamin A is readily available in foods such as dairy products, fortified fat spreads, carrots, spinach and cabbage, it can still be a challenge for children and infants to get a sufficient amount.

Why Should Children take vitamin C Supplements?

Vitamin C is important for your children's general health and its immune system. As well as supporting their overall health, it can support them in absorbing iron. Iron plays an important role in supporting blood cells carrying oxygen around the body.

While Vitamin C is readily available through a variety of fruit juices, such as oranges and tomatoes, it can still be difficult ensuring your child gets their enough in their diet.

Why Should Children take Vitamin D Supplements?

Vitamin D helps support your bones, teeth and healthy muscle development and vital for a growing child. It can be difficult to absorb through your diet as there a few foods. It is commonly found in eggs, liver and oily fishes and is added to spreads and breakfast cereals. For parents, especially with young children, it can be difficult to create meals they’ll enjoy and rich in Vitamin D.

The best source of Vitamin D is the sun, especially in the summer. However, this is problematic as you need to be careful when exposing your children to the sunlight. Overexposure, especially without necessary protection, can lead to damaging their skin and increase their risk of cancer in later life.

This is where a daily Vitamin D or multivitamin supplement can be extremely handy in supporting your child’s development. 

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This article has been medically approved by Superintendent Pharmacist Shilpa Shailen Karia, MRPharmS. - GPhC Reg No: 2087328