Why Eshisha is Gaining Popularity

What better reason to quit smoking than to lead a healthier life for you and your family. We've all seen the graphic photos, videos and heard scare stories about the effects of smoking upon our bodies and many choose to quit smoking based on these facts. Some however may just decide one day that they want to.

There are many ways to quit smoking nowadays. With so many advances, it's not just about conventional Nicotine Replacement Therapies such as patches, gums, inhalators, nasal sprays, mists, lozenges or micro tabs. These have been the obvious choice until now, but now you can attempt to stop with ?stop smoking e-cigarettes'.

This is the new concept - to not so much quit smoking but to ?smoke healthier'?crazy idea or, so crazy it just might work!?! One way to do this is to change from smoking cigarettes to smoking Electronic Shisha Sticks ? a spin on the E-cig but an intoxicating fruity flavoured eshisha like strawberry, grape, apple, blueberry & peach and no nicotine.

Electronic Shisha Sticks give you the psychological feeling of smoking without all the harmful side effects from the chemicals in cigarettes.  They also enable smokers to smoke indoors as they contain no harmful chemicals ? much to the delight of regular clubbers out on a Friday/Saturday night as they no longer have to stand outside the club in the freezing cold at 1am to have a ?smoke'.

Those who use them display an air of ?coolness' as though they are part of some club/culture that not everyone can or will be. But we can! Electronic Shisha Sticks come in many brands including Litejoy, Luli and Eshish. Eshish has become a huge brand amongst the younger generation ? which is great for all those young adults no longer smoking cigarettes filled with harmful chemicals!