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Top 5 Myths and Truths About E-Shisha

1. I can smoke Electronic shisha sticks anywhere!

Shisha Sticks do not contain tobacco, nicotine and other harmful toxins, therefore it is generally considered they can be smoked in areas where cigarette smoking cannot for instance bars, restaurants, cafes, and offices (do check with the location manager before smoking ? just in case).

2. I'm 16, I can smoke Shisha Sticks!

Erm, no you can't, at least you should not. Portable electronic shisha sticks are not suitable for just anyone ? especially not anyone who is under the age of 18, pregnant women, non-smokers, patients with any sort of medical conditions and especially someone who has never tried smoking and does not wish to smoke ? shisha sticks would simply be counterproductive for you.

3. Smoking shisha will help me quit smoking

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that by vaping Electronic Shisha Sticks anyone trying to quit smoking it ?will' stop you from smoking (although some users have reported that it has). Each person is different and it all depends on the individual.

4. Smoking shisha is safe

The main ingredient in a Shisha Stick is a clear, non-toxic ingredient called propylene glycol, which produces the vapour. Propylene glycol can be found in many everyday foods. The vapours produced by Shisha Sticks are not toxins and have ?no known health risks unlike traditional cigarettes.

5. An electronic shisha stick is the same as an e-cigarette

Kind of! An e shisha is a flavoured electronic cigarette/shisha stick. The difference between them is that a normal cigarette creates smoke by burning Tobacco. This creates 1000's of poisons that can lead to much health related problems. The vapour from an e-cig or an e shisha is created by a battery powered element that heats the 'e-liquid' to create the flavoured 'vapour'.