Benefits of E-Shisha

If you have perused our site, you may have already read the benefits of Shisha Sticks, but here they are in a summary.

Eshisha is fast becoming revered as the best electronic smoking device on the market to date by many celebs and other customers alike. They are enabling social smoking to once again take place in public places, but without the risk of second hand smoke health related diseases. Owners of pub, clubs, bars, cafes, and offices have become open to the idea of staff/clubs vaping on a shisha stick within their establishment.

Many people like to smoke socially ? with a drink or two. When you are out for a drink or meal and you fancy smoking, shisha sticks allow you to stay at the table and socialise with those around you, instead of stepping outside (in the sometimes freezing cold, wet weather) and standing alone as you smoke.

Many customers believe that they are a great alternative to smoking and e shisha as a much healthier way to smoke. Some have even speculated they helped them quit smoking (although manufacturers do state shisha sticks are NOT a stop smoking product and you should see your GP if you require help to quit smoking).

They do not contain nicotine, helping you to ?smoke healthier'.

Prices start at around 7.99 and last for approximately 500 puffs, so they also appear to be cost effective (as last longer than cigarettes).

For the best electronic smoking device that contains 0% nicotine, enabling you to smoke healthier, try shisha sticks like Luli, Litejoy or our best seller Eshish from right here at Chemist Direct.