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Success stories

“I take EpaMax™ daily to help keep my heart healthy” - Stu

”Started taking EpaMax™ a few months ago and have recently been able to dramatically reduce my intake of NSAID's (which I took for the joint pain I experience with my Rheumatoid Arthritis). Much happier.” - Richard

”EPA & DHA are both good for your hearts health, so I have started taking EpaMax™ daily as it has a high strength concentration of both. - Sharon

”My moods tend to be quite up and down. I don't feel I need to see my GP but I would like something to give me a little help if it can, which is why I've started taking EpaMax™. It is a high strength formula of omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, which studies have shown helps alleviate depression.” -Dawn

”When my rheumatoid arthritis attacks, the joint pain is terrible, but I got tired of popping medication. So now I mainly take EpaMax™ as it is all-natural, (but occasionally take NSAID's alongside it).” - Matthew


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