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Elastoplast Silicone Soft Plasters

Elastoplast Silicone Soft Plasters

8 Plasters 
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Elastoplast Silicone Soft Plasters have been designed to minimize trauma and pain during plaster removal, while ensuring reliable adhesion during wear. Thanks to its extremely soft and gentle silicone adhesive, Silicone Soft is painless to remove, without disruption of the skin barrier. Pack of 8.


The removal of a plaster with traditional adhesive can result in damage and pain due to the stripping of epidermal cells and hair, with Elastoplast Silicone Soft Plasters the extremely soft and gentle silicone adhesive is painless to remove, without disruption of the skin barrier. When removed, it leaves the skin free from residues, no matter how long it has been on the skin, making it ideal to use with children or those with sensitive skin. During wear, the silicone gel layer of Silicone Soft creates a perfect bond between the plaster and the uneven surface of the skin. As a result, the plaster sticks securely to the skin, even after being repositioned. Silicone Soft plasters are the perfect solution for all those experiencing pain or anxiety at plaster removal.

Key features of Elastoplast Silicone Soft Plasters

  • Gentle silicone adhesive is painless to remove
  • Perfect solution for all those experiencing pain or anxiety at plaster removal
  • Ideal to use with children or those with sensitive skin
  • Silicone Soft is suitable after minor surgery


1. Grasp one edge of the plaster and gently lift the edge 2. With the other hand, place fingers on the surrounding skin and support removal by holding the skin taut 3. Gently remove the plaster keeping it close to skin and in the direction of hair growth

Silicone Soft Plasters can be removed 100% pain-free, even from hairy skin.


1. Wash your hands 2. Clean the wound 3. Make sure the skin is free of soap residue or lotion 4. Peel off the release liner 5. Take care not to touch the wound pad 6. Apply over the wound without stretching the plaster

If adjustment of the position of the plaster is required, Silicone Soft plasters can be repositioned without losing their adhesive power.


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