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Dulcosoft Liquid

Dulcosoft Liquid Dulcosoft Liquid

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Dulcosoft Liquid is for the symptomatic treatment of constipation and softening of hard stools. It comes in useful, flavourless solution which can be mixed into your favourite drink. Works within 24-72 hours. Contains 250ml of Dulcosoft Liquid.


Dulcosoft Liquid is an oral laxative providing gentle constipation relief that works with your body. Its available in a flavourless solution which can be mixed into your favourite drink. This makes it easy to take on the go when travelling. It is gluten and sugar free so is suitable for diabetics and those with coeliac disease. It is also suitable for children over 2 years pregnant and breastfeeding women (consultation with a doctor recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 8 years).

Constipation doesn't have to be sat out. Quite the contrary: It is important to make lifestyle changes and if needed treat constipation. If going to the toilet becomes difficult, DulcoSoft Liquid provides relief with its stool-softening effects. Its active ingredient macrogol is the number one doctor prescribed ingredient. It harnesses water in your body - working with your body to soften stools so they are more comfortable to pass.

Key features of Dulcosoft Liquid

  • An oral laxative providing gentle constipation relief that works with your body
  • Provides relief with its stool-softening effects
  • Flavourless solution which can be mixed into your favourite drink
  • Gluten and sugar free
  • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women (consultation with a doctor recommended).

Adults & children 8 : 20 - 40 ml solution daily Children 4 to 7: 16 - 32 ml per day Children 2 to 3: 8 - 16 ml per day Simply add Dulcosoft® to your favourite drink preferably in the morning. Works within 24-72 hours. Can be taken from the first signs of discomfort. Instructions for use: Neutral taste: It can be directly mixed with a drink of your choice e.g. a glass of water or other liquid such as fruit juice or tea (about 150 ml). Dose: Measure out the dose using the measuring cup included in the pack. Within the dose recommendation the dose can be adjusted to your individual needs and can be taken daily or every other day. The right dose is the lowest dose to produce regular soft stools. The recommended daily dose should be preferably taken as a single dose in the morning.

10 ml solution contains: 5g of Macrogol 4000, Other ingredients: Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Macrogol 400, Citric Acid, Purified Water, Contains 5g Macrogol 4000 per 10ml of oral solution


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