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Dulcolax Suppositories For Children 5mg

Dulcolax Suppositories For Children 5mg

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Dulcolax Suppositories for Children are a stimulant laxative that act directly on the bowels, stimulating the bowel muscles to cause a bowel movement.

Dulcolax Suppositories For Children 5mg is packed full of Bisacodyl, which actively works as a proven and safe compound, without side effects, that relieves those suffering from constipation. The active ingredients is mixed with a safe wax-like substance which firm at room temperature and melt inside of the body once inserted in the rectum.

How to use Dulcolax Suppositories for short term relief of constipation:

For children under 10 years, insert 1 suppository into the rectum daily – use under medical supervision only.

Caution before using Dulcolax Suppositories:

  • Should not be used with anal fissures or ulcerative procitis with mucosal damage are present.
  • If you suffer from any of the following intestinal problems, ileus, intestinal obstruction, acute appendicitis, acute inflammatory bowel disease or any other surgical abdominal condition.
  • If you are suffering from severe dehydration.
  • Do not exceed dosage.

Each Dulco-Lax Suppository contains:

Bisacodyl 5mg


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Dulcolax Suppositories For Children 5mg
5.00 stars

The 5mg suppository is actually quite effective for adults, unless the person has a condition where stronger laxatives are required.

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Dulcolax Suppositories For Children 5mg
5.00 stars

Just What's Required

Unfortunately these are hard to obtain in the UK. Theyre not a prescription only medicine, but pharmacists act like they are - asking a million questions and then, probably, refusing to sell them to you because you cant prove that a doctor has recommended them some time in the past. They need to pull their socks up and realise we have the right to make our own decisions about everyday non-lethal medicines such as this!Rant over - these are powerful stimulant laxatives. In suppository form, they will not only empty the bowels in minutes, they will have an explosive effect. So if you have a chronically constipated child whos really uncomfortable and, in plain language, needs to do a big smelly very soon - dulcolax suppositories are just whats required.

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