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Who can use Dermaoil?

Dermaoil – the breakthrough beauty oil that can be used by everyone!

Dermaoil is completely different to similar skin care oils. It’s designed to be used by everyone who wants healthy, supple and firm skin. It is incredibly popular for its fantastic results on scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, sun damaged and ageing skin - but the truth is that Dermaoil can be everyone’s secret weapon for beautiful skin!


Dermaoil can be used throughout pregnancy and is designed to keep you and your bump looking fresh and healthy. Around 90% of pregnant women notice visible stretch marks on their skin at some point during pregnancy, which isn’t surprising when you consider how much your skin is stretched through this time. The marks appear as a result of the body expanding faster than the covering skin, causing the skin to tear and forming a scar as it heals. Dermaoil’s ability to improve the skin’s firmness and elasticity therefore will enable to skin to become healed and restored in order to reduce the appearance of the marks that have been left behind.

Dermaoil is also an excellent product for all women’s beauty collections, as it is a simple way to maintain healthy and beautiful looking skin. After adding Dermaoil into your beauty regime, your skin will be left with a gorgeous glow and everyone will want to know your secret!


It’s not just pregnant women who are prone to developing stretch marks on their skin. It is a fact that it is one of the most common times that stretch marks appear, but the truth is that anyone can get stretch marks at different stages of their life. This means that even men could experience stretched skin marks, particularly at times of rapid growth, like teenagers going through growth and body changes, bodybuilders with quick muscle growth and those who have quickly gained weight.

Skin care for men is also becoming increasingly popular, so Dermaoil is an excellent choice for keeping skin looking generally healthy and hydrated.


Many beauty and skin care oils are specifically targeted for stretch marks only, but Dermaoil is completely different. Not only does it have amazing effects on the reduction of stretch mark appearance, but it can also reduce the appearance of other skin scars and marks. Though they are an integral part of the healing process some scars could be permanent, but Dermaoil can help to reduce their appearance so you can feel confident in your skin again.

It is an excellent moisturiser for keeping your skin hydrated at times when your skin is particularly dried out. We put our skin through a lot every single day and Dermaoil can give it the nourishment it needs. Especially skin that is particularly dry from skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, as well as times when skin is dried out from cold weather, harsh soaps and after shaving.

Thanks to its main ingredient Collageneer, Dermaoil has excellent anti-ageing properties as it is able to encourage the production of type I collagen. Most people think that skin ageing only occurs in late life, when in fact our bodies’ production of this particular type of collagen begins to decrease at the age of 25 and accelerates as soon as we hit 30. Scientists suggest that we then lose 1.5% of collagen every year, which shows through fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Thanks to Collageneer however, Dermaoil is clinically proven to replenish the skin’s firmness and elasticity to help your skin look healthy and youthful for longer.