Key ingredient Collageneer: The science behind the biggest skincare secret is revealed!

Alongside 100% natural active ingredients, Dermaoil contains beauty breakthrough ingredient Collageneer – a revolutionary ingredient that remodels and firms the skin.

Collageneer is the main ingredient in Dermaoil and is what makes this amazing beauty oil truly stand out from the crowd. It works by stimulating the synthesis of the high quality type I collagen - the type of collagen that gives the skin dermis its elasticity and firmness.

Type I collagen is the most abundant collagen type and accounts for around 90% of our bodies natural stores. However, it is also the type of collagen that is lost with age. Scientists suggest that our type I collagen production begins to deplete in our mid-twenties and accelerates when we hit 30. The loss of type 1 collagen results in the visible effects of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

Collageneer however encourages the production of this collagen to ensure skin is kept looking healthier for longer, thanks to its remodelling and firming effects. This patented ingredient is obtained from sweet, white Lupid seed coatings that are abundant with a substance called Lupeol. Not only does this increase the synthesis of type I collagen, but also promotes the production of collagen that is of excellent quality to ensure elasticity and firmness.

It also works due to its effects on a protein called HSP47, which is essential for producing high quality collagen. It assists the synthesis of good quality pro-collagen I as it attaches itself onto a chain and facilitates their alignment and folding. It also opposes maturation of abnormal pro-collagen by keeping it inside the cell and preventing it from being secreted into the extracellular helix.

By encouraging high quality collagen type I production, Collageneer has the ability to leave the skin feeling firmer and remodelled, which is why it has excellent effects on keeping the skin looking young and healthy.