Complan FAQ


Can children drink Complan?

Complan should be used with caution in children under six years old. It is not suitable for infants under 12 months except under medical supervision.


Is Complan safe for pregnant and nursing mothers?

Yes. Government advice is that pregnant women need to avoid excessive vitamin A, and should not have a daily intake of more than 3000µg. One serving of Complan contains 200µg of vitamin A (370µg if made with whole milk), putting it well within the recommended limit; however, if in doubt, always consult your physician. Also, you should always take into account the level of vitamin A in the rest of your diet.


Is Complan suitable for vegetarians?



Can people who follow halal or kosher diets drink Complan?

Yes, on the basis that none of the ingredients is derived from pork. However, it has not been officially approved by any of the bodies that certify kosher or halal status.


Does Complan contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) or any preservatives and artificial flavourings?

There are no preservatives, MSG or any other flavour enhancers in Complan. There are nature-identical flavourings, made from chemicals, which are identical to those that occur naturally in nature.


Is Complan suitable for people with health conditions or allergies?

Diabetics & Complan:

There are many variations in the dietary needs of people with diabetes; therefore, we suggest you consult your dietitian or doctor before including any dietary supplements. You should take the Complan nutritional information chart with you (this can be found on the back of the pack and the website) so that the health professional can see the ingredients (in particular the sugar content) in Complan.


Renal Patients & Complan:

You should seek advice from a renal dietitian or doctor before using Complan, as the phosphorus, protein & water levels are quite high and maybe contra-indicated for your condition. Renal patients should always drink Complan with water and NOT milk.


Liver Disease & Complan:

Complan may offer support for malnutrition caused by your condition. Please consult your healthcare professional for advice.


Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance & Complan:

The Complan+Oats flavour is not recommended, but all other Complan flavours are suitable for anyone on a gluten-free diet.


Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or Irritable Bowel Disease & Complan:

Complan should be useful in all of these conditions, but if you have any concerns please seek advice from your doctor as we do not know your medical history.


Protein Conditions & Complan:

Anyone with a serious protein condition should be receiving regular advice from their GP or dietitian about the type of foods they should be eating or drinking. If in doubt, check with your doctor or dietitian.


Anaemia & Complan:

In cases of straightforward iron-deficiency anaemia, a regular intake of Complan would be beneficial as it adds a significant amount of iron to the diet, as well as vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron into the body.

Complan is also useful if the anaemia is caused by folic acid or vitamin B12 deficiency. However, it is important that you work with your physician to identify the underlying cause of the anaemia and treat this as well, if possible.


Diarrhoea & Complan:

Complan is best avoided if you are suffering from diarrhoea because of its lactose content.


Iodine Sensitivity & Complan:

The iodine content is 35 micrograms (µg) per serving. You would have to be extremely sensitive to iodine (and avoiding a lot of common foodstuffs) for there to be a problem. If in doubt, contact your doctor or dietitian.


Nut Allergies & Complan:

Complan is made in a nut-free factory and contains no nuts; hence it is safe for anyone with this type of allergy.


I am currently on Warfarin; can I still take Complan?

The levels of vitamin K in foods like liver, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and cauliflower are much higher than in a serving of Complan. At the level it is present in Complan, vitamin K should not interfere with Warfarin; but please consult your dietitian or doctor to verify that the vitamin K levels in the rest of your diet are not too high. If you take any regular prescribable medication, please check with your doctor whether they are safe to take with Complan.


Can I take Complan to help me lose weight?

Complan was originally designed for controlled weight gain; however, it can also be used to help weight loss. As a meal replacement, Complan offers a healthy way of reducing your daily calorie intake. One serving of Complan, made with water, provides only 250 calories – similar to other slimming shakes on the supermarket shelves. Also, Complan is packed with essential vitamins (including the antioxidants A, C and E) and minerals (like calcium and iron). Please note: we recommend any weight loss be planned carefully at a healthy rate, ideally between 1-2 pounds per week unless otherwise directed by a doctor.


I have been told that I have to take ‘build-up’ drinks, is Complan such a drink?

Yes, Complan is designed for exactly that purpose.


How many sachets should I have per day?

If you are using it as a supplement to a reasonable diet, then one to two sachets per day is fine. If you are struggling to take in adequate daily nutrition (or any nutrition at all), you can take up to eight sachets a day, made up with water, to try to reach an ideal intake of 1,500 - 2,000 kcal. However, if Complan is replacing a large part of your diet (or you are taking more than 2 sachets a day), then you should ask your doctor, dietitian or nurse for advice based on your situation.


Can I heat/freeze Complan?

You can freeze reconstituted Complan, in the short term, without affecting its nutritional value – in fact, it makes a pleasant ice-lolly. However, if you plan to thaw the frozen Complan for re-use, you should note that the texture will not be quite the same as freshly made Complan. You can also heat Complan (although don’t boil).


Is it okay to mix dried Complan with yoghurt instead of milk or water, and add some fruit to it?

If you use Complan as a supplement, then you can mix it with any variety of other foods. If you rely on Complan for a major part of your nutritional intake, it would be advisable to check with your healthcare provider when making any changes, to ensure that you are getting adequate calorific and fluid intake.


How much-skimmed milk is in Complan Original?

Complan Original in the UK is 43% skimmed milk powder, so each serving of 57g contains approximately 25g of skimmed milk powder.


Where does Complan source the milk for their products?

The skimmed milk powder used in Complan comes from either Scandinavia or Ireland.


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