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Cerazette 3 Month Supply x 84 tablets

3 x 28 Tablets

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Cerazette® pills are brought to you by our Online Doctor service as an oral contraceptive measure. Cerazette® is a contraceptive pill which you take to prevent getting pregnant. It contains the female sex hormone desogestrel, which is a progestin and prevents an egg being released from your ovaries. In order to qualify for this item you will need to complete a medical questionnaire which will be approved by our qualified doctor before they can be dispatched for delivery to your door.

This item is now available from Pharmacy2U

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Cerazette® is an oral contraceptive measure which are commonly referred to as ‘the pill’.

Cerazette® is a progestogen-only pill (POP) which contains a hormone called desogestre which works to prevent an egg being released from your ovaries. Cerazette® also makes the mucus in your cervix thicker, making it difficult for sperm to reach the egg.

Most POPs work mainly by preventing the sperm cells from entering the womb but do not always prevent the egg cell from ripening, which is the main way a combined contraceptive measure works. However, Cerazette® actually prevents the egg from ripening in most cases, making it a highly effective contraceptive.

Cerazette® is a 21 day pill. This means you take one each day for 21 days, followed by 7 days when you take no pills.

The benefits of taking the pill include:

  • It is one of the most reliable reversible methods of contraception if used correctly
  • It doesn’t interrupt your sexual experience
  • It usually makes your periods regular, lighter and less painful
  • It may help with pre-menstrual symptoms.

This treatment can be obtained through our Online Doctor service. Simply add to basket and head to the checkout to begin your consultation.

A pack of Cerazette® contains different coloured tablets:

  • 7 x blue
  • 9 x white
  • 5 x blue
  • The different coloured tablets contain different amounts of the active ingredients. When you take them in the correct order they imitate the natural rise and fall of your body’s hormone levels during your monthly cycle.

    Take one tablet every day, in the right order. Each blister strip has a row of bubbles marked with the days of the week. When you take your first tablet, press the bubble for the day of the week you have started taking the tablets, for example, if you take your first tablet on a Tuesday, press the bubble marked ‘Tue’. This will help you to remember the day of the week you started the pack. Each new pack after this will also start on the same day of the week.

    Take Cerazette® tablets exactly as your doctor has told you. If you are unclear on how to take this medicine, please check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Please note, like all medicine, Cerazette® can cause side effects – although this does not apply to everyone who has taken them. Side effects are usually temporary with continued treatment or disappear when you stop tacking the medicine.

Before taking your medicine please read the patient information leaflet in detail to acquaint yourself with the potential side effects.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your GP in the first instance. Alternatively, contact our Online Clinic team for further assistance.

Please read all packaging before taking Cerazette®.

The active substance is:

Desogestrel (75mg).

The other ingredients are:

Colloidal anhydrous silica; all-rac-α-tocopherol; maize starch; povidone; stearic acid; hypromellose; macrogol 400; talc; titanium dioxide (E171); lactose monohydrate.

Cerazette 3 Month Supply x 84 tablets
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