Nicocig Cartridges


Nicocig Electronic Cigarettes

A cleaner and safer way to smoke Nicocig have created  the Nicocig electronic cigarette designed to give smokers the same sensation as a real cigarette without the harmful tar, tobacco and other ingredients that cause serious health risks. This successful alternative to smoking is beneficial for those looking to cut down smoking tobacco products and quit altogether. Nicocigs are also a much cheaper alternative to tobacco saving you money.

Why Choose Nicocigs?

Nicocig aim to transform peoples approach to smoking with their safer, cheaper and more socially acceptable e-cigs that still give smokers the hit of nicotine they crave. Nicocig electronic cigarettes come in a range of strengths and flavours to suit the needs of all smokers whether you smoke 10 or 30 a day. They also come in a rechargeable and disposable form with a range of accessories to choose from.

More socially acceptable Smoking with Nicocig

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