Medigro Hair Loss Treatment

MediGro fpromotes healthy hair growth naturally

MediGro Hair Loss Supplement with the unique advanced formulation GroMax contains a blend of 100% natural ingredients which may help to nourish hair in order to help promote hair health & hair regrowth.

How does it work?

OptiMSM™ helps produce collagen, keratin and protein which are essential for healthy hair growth. New studies have shown that MSM not only promotes hair growth but can also slow down the time between hair cycles.

Horsetail is a good source of silica which is needed by the body to keep hair strong and shiny. Horsetail also promotes blood circulation to the scalp and helps nutrients get to the hair follicle thus helping promote hair regrowth.

Kelp is a well-known Hair Loss Supplement that contains over 30 minerals and reduces brittleness in individual hair strands.

L-arginine produces a substantial amount of nitric oxide which provides an increase of blood flow to the hair follicles helping to promote new hair growth.

Biotin can help strengthen hair stands and may prevent breakages.

Zinc stimulates the activity of several enzymes in the body which helps promote normal hair growth.

L-lysine is an amino acid which helps the body absorb iron and zinc.

Spirulina is rich in protein helping to maintain healthy, shiny hair.

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