Magicool Itch Relief

Magicool Itch Relief Spray is specially formulated to treat itchy skin that's been left exposed to the outdoors. This itch spray can also be useful in treating insect bites and heat rashes as well. Try Magicool Itch Relief today.


About Magicool Itch Relief

Scientists at FranceMed Pharma have successfully formulated the world’s first and only, safe, atomised instant cooling spray. Magicool a patented invention is described as “your very own personal air-conditioner in a can”. Magicool cooling spray is self-chilled and works without refrigeration, it delivers micro-fine ready chilled water-based spray even if the canister is left to stand in hottest weather.

A quick spritz on your face or body is guaranteed to leave you feeling chilled and exhilarated anytime..anywhere and in all hot conditions. It is also ideal for use in sun-baked cars as it cools you as well as the hot air and surfaces around you until air-conditioning kicks in. Magicool also has breakthrough medical usages.

Magicool Plus Prickly Heat and Magicool Plus Itchy Skin Medical Devices are world-Class breakthrough treatment for Prickly Heat and Itchy Skin.

Magicool has unparalleled characteristics and cooling properties based on both refrigeration and evaporation of water. The spray is released at the right temperature such that it is neither tepid or too cold to cause cold shock or discomfort.

Magicool Plus is a revolutionary itch treatment, it abolishes itching due to skin disorders within seconds. It combines several anti-itch therapies in one. Non-steroidal and sterile.

How does Magicool compare with mineral water sprays available on the market?

Mineral water sprays are delivered hot if the container is left to stand in hot weather. But Magicool's self-chilled, ultra-fine spray is always cool even if left to stand in hot temperatures and works without refrigeration.

Magicool's spray temperature and pressure are consistent. You get a high quality, micro-fine cool spray every time. Other sprays are normally propelled by compressed gas and the quality of the spray deteriorates during usage from a mist to a coarse spray.

When using Magicool, you won't feel like you've been sprayed by a plant watering can. The Magicool mist consists of ultra-fine water particles and coats evenly.

Try Magicool Itch Relief today!


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