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Enshake Nutritional Drinks


Buy Ensure Enshake products at Chemist Direct

Ensure Enshake from Chemist Direct is a high fat, high protein, gluten free and fibre free supplement powder that delivers 600 calories/serving. It comes in four separate delicious flavours including vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and a money saving multipack containing all four flavours. Each flavour has a rich and creamy, fresh milk taste to encourage continual usage. As a nutritional supplement powder, it can easily be added to other foods to enhance the nutritional value.

A delicious and healthy drink any time

Enshake can be used as a between meal snack, a meal replacement drink, or a supplement to a meal. It is best served chilled. Each box of Enshake contains six envelops of 96.5 g each.

A delicious way to gain needed weight

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