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Arrid Antiperspirant & Deodorant


Arrid Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant available at Chemist Direct

Arrid antiperspirant and Arrid deodorant is the brand more men and women trust to minimize underarm wetness and odour. Now better than ever! Arrid has been a trusted name in underarm protection for more than 70 year and they’re still the brand people choose when they want to ‘get a little closer.’ Arrid can’t relieve stress, but it can keep you from being embarrassed by it. Arrid ‘Protects against the worst smelling sweat caused by stress.’

Arrid is available in Invisible Solids, Clear Gels, Solids, Sprays, Roll-Ons and Creams. Choose your formula. Choose your scent. There’s an Arrid that’s right for you.

Odour and Sweat
  • A deodorant differs from an antiperspirant in that a deodorant provides odour protection only while an antiperspirant helps protect against both odour and reduce wetness caused by perspiration.
  • Odor comes from the apocrine glands, which produce secretions that bacteria feed on. When the bacteria break down these nutrients, it causes undesirable odors.
  • Perspiration is almost entirely secreted by the eccrine glands. Large amounts of fluids are released and tend to be clear with a pH in the higher acid range.
  • Choose your formula. Choose your scent. There’s an Arrid that’s right for you.