Aquastops Bandages & Dressings

Aquastop is a leading manufacturer of waterproof casts and bandage protector. These act as a plastic seal that covers the entire bandage or cast when submerged in water. Aquastop is made with soft, flexible plastic protectors are latex-free and allows for easy bathing, showering or swimming. Check out Aquastops bandages and dressings today!

h2>About Aquastops

Having a bandage or cast can be very inconvenient at times as you're recovering. It can make simple, everyday tasks such as bathing or showering difficult. With Aquastops range of bandages, cast covers and dressings, are designed to help you. 

Aquastops bandages and dressings are designed to completely cover entire casts that can be submerged in water. They are made with soft, flexible plastics and latex-free. Aquastops covers and dressings are suitable for both female and male adults as well as children. 


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