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Anne French Cleansing Milk

Anne French cleansing milk is specially formulated to refine your skin deeply, removing all traces of even waterproof makeup. Simple yet effective, this skincare product contains a light moisturisers that leave your skin feeling healthy and radiant. 

Enjoy soften and cleanse skin with Anne French.


About Anne French

Anne French is a brand who's heritage brand goes back over 60 years, becoming the first facial cleanser of its time. At a time where there was only soap and water, Anne French changed the face of skincare. 

Anne French Cleansing Milk is a simple yet effective skincare product. Containing its distinctive light milk formula and moisturiser, it leaves your skin feeling clean, healthy and radiant. Its sheer simplicity and dynamic formula provide you with a deep cleansing that effortlessly lifts off make-up as well as removing dirt, excess oils and impurities. 

A skincare product that changed how people around the world look at their skin, try Anne French today. 

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