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Andrex puppy care products are best suitable to take care of puppies. Range of Andrex puppy care products include tissue papers, sprays and more.


Andrex has been the leader in the toilet tissue market for over 40 years and has consequently become a household name -- driven by high profile advertising.


2002 marked 30 years of the Andrex puppy winning the hearts of the nation. Famous as the star of the UK's longest running consistent television advertising campaign, the puppy has now stolen the show in well over 100 commercials.


Despite its longevity, Andrex is still recording significant growth. Between 2001 and 2002 independent sources attributed a 16.6% increase in value to Andrex, ranking it the UK's fifteenth fastest growing brand (Source: ACNielsen 2002).


Andrex achieved the number six position in Marketing magazine's 'Biggest Brands' listing in August 2002 -- based on ACNielsen's annual Top 50 ranking of UK brands. Andrex was placed ahead of such brands as Ariel, Pampers and Robinsons with sales in excess of £240 million, a figure that was beaten only by Coca-Cola, Walkers Snack Foods, Muller, Nescafe and Stella Artois. Having been listed behind Persil in 2001, Andrex emerged from the latest ranking as the UK's biggest non-food brand (Source: ACNielsen 2002).


Product development and innovation is a consistent focus for the brand. In 1992, Andrex successfully launched a moist toilet tissue variant which contributed to a 40% growth in the moist category during its launch year. Andrex Moist toilet tissue has been brand leader since 1993 and enjoys a 61% value share within the moist category (Source: ACNielsen August 2002).


Most recently, in 2001, Andrex launched an Aloe Vera variant of the brand invigorating a totally new category in the paper products market. The same year, through relaunching the core brand with product improvements, fewer sheets per roll and a lower pack price, Andrex achieved significant increases in sales and overall volume share -- which was up to 25.8% in June 2002 from 21.8% the previous year (Source: ACNielsen August 2002).



Andrex was developed from a design for gentlemen's disposable handkerchiefs that were sold exclusively in Harrods, London's famous department store. The tissue took its name however from St Andrews Mill in Walthamstow, where it was first produced in 1942. Before soft toilet tissue such as Andrex was introduced, the market consisted of much harsher products often known as shinies, which were sold mainly through chemists -- famous brands included Bronco and Izal.


Andrex was endorsed by Hollywood film stars of the day who demanded that studios stock softer toilet tissue rather than the ubiquitous shinies. By 1961 the brand achieved market leadership; a position it has retained ever since.


The Andrex toilet tissue range has been greatly extended in recent years. It can be purchased in a range of colours and pack sizes which have been continuously developed since 1957 when Andrex launched its first colour variant; Magnolia. In 1966 a full range of coloured variants were introduced.


The famous Andrex puppy commercials were first screened in 1972. The original concept included a little girl running through her house trailing a roll of Andrex. However, this was blocked by television regulators who believed it would encourage children to be wasteful. So the little girl was replaced by a playful Labrador puppy and the campaign went on to become one of the best-known commercials throughout the country.


In 1978 the manufacturer of Andrex was awarded Royal Warrants of Appointment. By 1991 over 81% of Andrex sales were generated through multiple grocery outlets. A growing concern at this point was the increase in green products made from recycled paper, which then accounted for 20% of the market. Andrex responded by informing consumers through its advertising that it was an environmentally aware brand and took part in a programme of planting new trees. In addition Andrex mass production facilities converted to non-chlorine gas bleached pulps.



Kimberly-Clark Ltd, the manufacturer of Andrex toilet tissue, is committed to maintaining its number one position in the marketplace. Development is continuously underway to improve product quality -- a priority.