Aloclair Mouth Ulcer Treatment


Aloclair has a unique non stinging, soothing action which relieves the pain of mouth ulcers within minutes and lasts for up to 6 hours.

Mouth ulcers occur when a trauma removes the top layer of skin. This exposes the nerve endings causing pain and discomfort.

Aloclair works by forming an invisible barrier over the ulcer which covers up and protects the exposed nerve endings. (The barrier can't be felt once it is applied.)

This invisible barrier stops the ulcer being irritated and prevents anything from touching the nerves, therefore eliminating pain. It also creates a protected environment, preventing food and bacteria from entering the sore and promoting fast healing.

Aloclair contains ingredients, including natural Aloe Vera extract, which alleviate the pain and stop irritation. Renowned for its soothing and healing properties aloe vera provides a natural added benefit to Aloclair.

Aloclair is the only mouth ulcer treatment with NO ALCOHOL. This means it doesn't sting on application and therefore provides faster pain relief.



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