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Flea Treatment Do's & Don't's


Don't use the wrong product! For example using dog products on cats and vice versa. It's devastating for you and for us when we discover that this has happened, especially because some dog products REALLY CANNOT be used on cats, not even a little bit. When you have both cats and dogs, it is really preferably to use products which say that they can safely be used in a household with both cats and dogs. Otherwise you have to ensure that your pets are well separated during and after treatment until the treatment area has well and truly dried up.

Don't allow your pet to lick / groom the area of application when you have applied a Spot On (any kind ). Spot Ons are designed for topical application. This means they are only suitable for applying onto the skin. If you allow your pet to lick the Spot on off its skin then it will ingest the actives and that may make your pet feel ill.

Don't allow recently treated pets to groom each other – cats are especially bad for this. Spot On treatment are designed for so called topical application and not for ingestion.

Don’t allow a cat or dog to chew its flea collar. The actives which are on the collar are designed for so called topical application and not for ingestion; flea collars have to be applied correctly, so pets cannot chew them.

Don’t use a flea repellent or flea collar to treat a flea burden. Flea repellents and flea collars are preventative, slow releasing products that are not strong enough to affect a significant infestation. Always use products that claim they ‘kill fleas’ when you already have a flea infestation.

Don’t apply a Spot On Product whilst the cat or dog has a collar on – never mix products! Always remove the collar before applying a Spot On. Wait until the Spot On application site has dried up before you put the collar back on.

Don’t allow problems to go unnoticed. An untreated flea infestation can lead to your pet suffering from anaemia. After all, fleas do live on your pet’s blood.

Don’t shampoo your pet too soon after application of the product. This is the right thing to do if you have applied the wrong product. If you have applied the right product, it needs time to act before you wash it off!


Do use the right products for your pet. Cat products for cats, dog products for dogs and small animal products for your rabbit, hamsters and other small pets.

Do know the weight of your pet and use the appropriate products for their weight.

Do use the right products for the situation. Do treat the house as well as the animal.

Do consider treating your pet for worms if it already has fleas.

Do re-treat your pet regularly as recommended.

Do ensure you apply the Spot On to the skin – not the fur.