Kid Approved Picnic Food

It’s National Picnic Month, and with British Summertime actually arriving for a change, lots of us are packing up the picnic basket or the cool box and heading out into the great outdoors. If you’re feeding the family with a picnic this summer, we’ve rounded up the best kid-approved picnic foods, with minimal preparation time for you.

Sandwiches in Shapes

Make your sandwiches as normal, with whatever fillings your littles like best. Then, using a cooker cutter, cut your sandwiches into fun shapes, like flowers, stars or hearts. Little ones can help do this and are sure to love having a more exciting sandwich to nibble on.

Fruit Kebabs

Cut fresh fruit into chunks and slide onto a kebab stick to make fruit kebabs. Choose bright colours to appeal to children and adults alike, and sneak in one of your five a day.

Veggies and Dips

Cut crunch veggies, such as carrots, peppers and celery into strips, and pack up with some tasty dips, like hummus, salsa or sour cream. Again, aim for lots of colour. Kids love dunking, so you might persuade them to eat more veg than usual.

Deli Treats

Is there a supermarket with a good deli counter near you? Involve the kids in choosing their own picnic treats, and get them to help you select deli meats, cheeses or other snacks. Challenge them to choose one thing they’ve never had before, and take the challenge yourself, to encourage trying new foods.

Pizza Roll-Ups

Cut a tortilla into long strips. Spread with a light layer of tomato puree. Lay on some classic pizza toppings; cheese, pepperoni, whatever you like, and then roll-up tight. Voila, mess free pizza. This another fun food to get the kids involved in making their own.


If you’re out in the sun at lunchtime, don’t forget to make sure you and the family are well-protected from the sun. Nobody wants to go home from a picnic with a sunburn! Now, where did we put away that picnic basket?

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