How to treat Colic

Recently the NHS released a list of 35 conditions they would no longer be treating on prescription, including Colic. Colic affects many babies in the first few months of their life. These long episodes of crying, believed to be caused by stomach cramping, can be very upsetting for both baby and parents. But how can you help your little one feel better?


There are some over the counter medicines that could help. Look for options that ease wind and digestive discomfort, such as Woodwards Gripe Water or Infacol Colic Relief Drops.


Have you changed formula recently? It could be that a new feed is causing some digestion difficulties. Try a comfort milk, designed to be gently on sensitive systems, like Cow & Gate Comfort Milk. Look at bottles designed to help baby to swallow less air, like Dr Brown’s Options Baby Bottle. The bottle has a vent system, which stops baby swallowing air, which can trigger trapped wind.

Sound and Movement

Sound and movement can help to settle an upset baby. Many parents find success with white noise in the nursery, whether from a white noise machine or something as simple as a fan.

Try a walking around the house with your little one in a chest carrier, as the motion and closeness to you could help him settle. A stroller could also work, or if you’re being kept awake, go for a drive in the car.

Soothe the senses

If baby won’t settle, he may be disturbed by bright lights and noise. Darken the room, wrap him in a blanket, or give baby a warm bath. Baby massage, or just a back rub can be also be effective to settle the grizzles.

Look after yourself

A baby who cries is exhausting for all parents, so don’t feel bad if you need a break. It’s ok to step out of the room and take some deep breaths to gather yourself. If you can, get a trusted family member or friend to baby sit, and give yourself a real break. Even if you just go out for a walk, a respite from the crying is refreshing, and makes you ready to help baby again.

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