Gardening Projects for Green-Fingered Children

Inspired by Chelsea Flower Show to get some florals going in your own garden? Gardening can be the perfect activity to get children involved, to encourage tiny green fingers. But what can you grow that your little one will enjoy?


Choose flowers that won’t need too careful care, but will still produce brightly coloured, or beautiful smelling flowers. The colours and scents will please your child’s senses, while not causing upset if the planting is too tricky!

  • Primroses – Primroses are easy to plant in a pot or container, and are surprisingly hardy little flowers. They won’t need much attention and will produce pretty, colourful flowers.
  • Pansies – These flowers grow in lots of colours, and will flower through to winter, giving you lots of time to enjoy the blooms.
  • Lavender – Enjoy aromatic pink, white and blue flowers. For another project, you and your little one could also dry the lavender and make your own potpourri.

Fruit and Vegetables

Growing things they can eat is sure to appeal to children, and you can use growing their own healthy fruits and vegetables to encourage fussy eaters to try new foods.

  • Radish – Radishes are a great option for kids, as they’re easy to grow, colourful and ready to eat in about a month.
  • Wild Strawberries – Littles will love searching the plant for the small, sweet fruit.
  • Mint – Mint is so easy to grow, it can actually become a nuisance! Grow it in a pot on the patio to avoid it taking over, and use it to flavour tasty meals.

Indoor Options

No garden? Don’t worry. There are plenty of child-friendly options that can be grown in a pot on the windowsill.

  • Cactus – Cacti come in many different shapes, sizes and colours making them very interesting for kids. Help your child choose their favourites and create a mini cactus garden for the window sill. Cacti need very minimal care, so are ideal for a first garden project.
  • Terrarium – A terrarium is great for creative children. Buy a large goldfish bowl and plant succulents, ferns or moss, and then decorate! You could make a fairy garden, an alien planet or a dinosaur habitat! Whatever gets the imagination going.

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