How To Spring Clean Your Health

As Spring approaches, we all turn to giving our homes a Spring Clean. Between all the extra dusting and hoovering, have you thought about giving your health a Spring Clean too?

Check your medicine cabinet

If you’re someone who likes to stock up, your bathroom cabinet might be overflowing with medicines and treatments. Take the time to grow through everything and make sure everything is still in date. Dispose of any leftover prescription medication that you no longer need. Remember, some medicines shouldn’t be just thrown away. You can find the FDA’s guidelines on how to safely get rid of medicines here.

Give up smoking

Go into Spring and Summer breathing easily. According to the NHS, quitting smoking gives you more energy, reduces stress, improves fertility and gives you younger looking skin. It also reduces your risk of heart disease and lung cancer. If you need help giving up, take a look at our Stop Smoking Aids.

Add supplements to your diet

No matter how good your diet is, getting a full range of vitamins can be had. Adding a daily vitamin or supplement to your routine can help you boost your overall health and wellbeing. A good multi-vitamin is the most popular option.

Know your numbers

If you know where you’re at with your health, it’s easier to deal with any problems. Chemist Direct stock a range of self-test kits and healthcare equipment to help you get all the data you could need. You can do anything from checking your blood pressure to testing for food allergies.

Sort out your kitchen

Much like your bathroom cabinet, your kitchen cupboards are probably filled with all kinds of mysteries. Now is a great time to get everything out and check all those tins lurking in the depths of the cupboards you can’t quite reach the back of. Clear out anything out of date. If you have in date tins you know you won’t eat, you could donate them to your local food bank. You could also take the opportunity to clear out unhealthy snacks and swap them for healthier options.

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