How To Set Weight Loss Goals

If you have a lot of weight to lose, setting realistic goals can be overwhelming. We’ve got the best tips to help you set achievable goals.

Take it slow

Gradual weight loss is easier to maintain. Experts recommend losing 1 or 2 pounds a week over a longer period is the most sensible approach to healthy weight loss that you can keep off.

Set small targets

One large goal can be very daunting. Instead of immediately aiming to lose a huge amount of weight, break the end goal into smaller targets. You could aim to lose weight blocks of ten pounds or set a goal to fit into a slightly too snug pair of jeans. Smalls wins on the way will encourage you along.

Track your progress

If the weight is coming off slowly, it can be disheartening. Instead of just weighing yourself, take regular measurements and take progress pictures from the front, side and back. When the scales are sticking, you might be losing inches or starting to see changes to your pictures.

Set non-scale goals

It’s not all about the numbers on the scales. Set goals that aren’t on the scale to give you a little boost on the way. Aim to go up the stairs without feeling out of breath. Focus on learning to cook three new healthy recipes. Set a target to take a walk as a family once a week. Whatever will help you feel good on the journey.

Reward yourself

As you reach these mini goals, don’t be afraid to give yourself a little reward. Don’t reward yourself with food though. Instead, choose things that will help you on the way, like new gym gear. You could use replacing clothes that are now too big as a reward. Some dieters do well with putting aside £1 for every pound of weight loss and saving for a big treat.

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