NHS Restricts Prescriptions for Common Conditions

NHS England have released a list of 35 common conditions that will no longer be treated on prescription. The conditions chosen are short-term or minor conditions that can be treated by the patient with self-care, or over-the-counter medicines. Vulnerable patients and prescriptions for long-term conditions will not be affected.

These changes could save the NHS up to £100 million, as well as saving NHS staff time.

Where can I get treatments for these conditions now?

All the conditions on the NHS’s list can be treated with readily available, over the counter treatments. In fact, you can find treatments for all of the conditions here at Chemist Direct. You can use our Shop By Condition section, or keep an eye on the blog for more information about some of the top conditions and how to treat them.

Which conditions are on the NHS list?

The 35 conditions no longer treated on the NHS are listed below. Click through to find the relevant products to help you treat yourself, and feel good about those savings.

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