Men’s Health Week – Build Your Diabetes Kit

Men’s Health Week runs from 11 – 17 June, and the organisation behind it are continuing their missions to improve awareness of men’s health, invest in research and target the big killers of men, from mental health to cancer. This year, they’re focussing on Diabetes.

Why Diabetes?

Men are more likely to get, and die from Diabetes. One man in ten is Diabetic, and under current conditions, that number is set to rise over the next 20 years.

If you are Diabetic, we’ve got the best products to help you keep your Diabetes under control.


More and more Diabetics are beginning to accompany their medication with supplements, to assist in regulating blood sugars, or to help prevent the risk of heart disease.

HealthAid Karela Extract Tablets, made with pressed karela fruit, have been noted to regulate blood sugar levels. For Diabetics, these tablets increase insulin sensitivity in the body, helping you to achieve healthy blood sugar levels.

Chromium has also been shown to improve the symptoms of Diabetes, as it promotes glucose metabolism and can maintain your blood glucose levels. We love Bioconcepts Chromium.

Tests and Strips

Regular testing of your blood sugar levels is essential to keep good control of your sugars and insulin.

Stock up on strips with a triple pack of GlucoRX Nexus Glucose Test Strips.  You could also try Medi-Test Glucose for a self-test for early detection of blood sugar issues, by testing for glucose in the urine.

If you prefer not to use strips, we like Accu-Check Mobile Blood Glucose Meter System. With no single use strips or single lancets, this kit is ideal for hassle free testing on the go.

Glucose Tablets

Low blood sugar is a big problem for those with Diabetes, and when those levels dip you need a sustainable sugar hit fast! Glucose tablets boost sugar levels within minutes, making them a great option to keep in your bag for emergencies. Try GlucoTabs in a tasty orange flavour, and you’ll be prepared for an unexpected glucose crash.


To find out more about Men’s Health Week and their focus this year, visit their website here. Diabetes should always be treated while under the care of your GP.

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