How to cope with Minor Pain

Recently the NHS released a list of 35 conditions they would no longer be treating on prescription. The list included minor pain conditions, such as aches, headaches, period pain and back pain. Don’t suffer in silence though; there are lots of over the counter the options to help you manage pain and discomfort.


Whether your aches and pains are caused by sitting at a desk all day, a strenuous gym session, or the end of a cold, heat can be a great way to soothe and ease tight muscles. Try a hot bath, with Radox Muscle Bath Soak, which warms the body and eases tension.


If you’re struggling with a headache, you want it gone fast. Try a fast-acting pain killer, like Anadin Extra Soluble Tablets.  These can be dissolved in water, so there’s no struggling to swallow tablets when you’re not feeling your best, and they get to work quickly to give fast, effective relief from headaches and migraine.

Period Pain

Pain, cramping and nausea from periods can be miserable. Feminax Express Tablets are designed to target period symptoms, including cramps, headaches and muscle pain. They act fast, so you can get on with your day without the discomfort.

Back Pain

For back pain, try a pain relief gel instead of tablets. Rubbing the gel in has the added benefit of warming the muscle, and it allows you to target the exact area causing you problems. Less ibuprofen is absorbed into your system, so this is an ideal choice if you’re sensitive to medicines. We love Nurofen Joint and Back 10% Gel.

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