Skincare Swaps for Winter

Over the Winter, your skin has different needs. Cold winds, dry air and the dry heat of central heating can make your skin dehydrated and more sensitive than usual. You can combat the cold weather with simple swaps to your routine beyond the obvious switching to a richer moisturiser.

Swap foaming for cream cleansers

Don’t strip any natural oils from your skin with your usual gel or foaming cleanser, especially if you’re prone to dryness. Cream cleansers, like La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Hydrating Cleansing Cream, are gentler on the skin and have more moisture built in to the formula. Your skin will be more hydrated, and better equipped to hang onto moisture.

Swap physical for chemicals exfoliants

If your skin is looking dry and flaky, it can be tempting to go in hard with a physical exfoliant (an exfoliant that uses granules to buff away dead skin). Actually, these can be too harsh for winter skin, and can end up making the problem worse.

A chemical exfoliant, like the Avene Cleanance Mask, sounds alarming, but just means that gentle acids are used to dissolve the top layer of dead skin.

Add a serum

If you’re not already using a serum, winter is the ideal time to add one into your routine. The thinner consistency pack a punch of moisture and anti-aging benefits. We love Bioderma Hydrabio Serum Moisturising Concentrate.

Care for your lips

We often overlook the lips as part of our skincare routine, but lips chapped by cold winds can be sore a well as unsightly. Slicking on that holiday red lipstick can a factor too, as many matte formulas are very drying.

Dodge the flakes by very gently exfoliating lips with a wet washcloth, or a clean, soft toothbrush. When the dead skin is buffed away, slather on a rich lip balm like Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, and keep it topped up throughout the day.


With a few simple changes, you can keep your skin in top condition all winter.

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