Weight Management

Excess Weight in pets can cause many problems as it can in humans. With serious associated medical conditions including, heart problems, respiratory distress, high blood pressure and other serious life threatening health issues. Watching your pet’s weight is one of the most important things you can do as an owner. Too much weight can also put huge pressures on your pet’s joints, increasing their chances of mobility problems later in life. Your pet’s chances of developing a chronic over- Weight condition increase greatly later in life, and weight gain is often viewed as a symptom or associated condition to ageing. Other symptoms of ageing, such as joint pain and reduced mobility, are greatly increased if your pet is overweight.

Foods with L-Carnitine

As pets pass into the later stages of adulthood or begin to show the signs of excess weight gain, it is increasingly important to feed them products that help limit weight gain, just as you would focus on securing the health of their joints, or coat. Many senior/light foods, like the Biopets Senior/Light Food 7 years + range, contain L- Carnitine, an amino acid nutritional supplement.

Carnitine helps the body metabolise fat into energy. It helps reduce the storage of fat, which once metabolised is put into action by the vital organs, while maintaining the body’s lean muscle mass. It is used to aid fat metabolism in a number of species and significant studies have led to the belief that Carnitine is effective in reducing excess weight in overweight pets.

L-Carnitine also has other significant uses. The heart receives a significant amount of the energy it needs from the proper metabolism of fats. Is fat is not being metabolised properly it will not receive enough energy. The energy L-Carnitine supplies means it is also effective in maintaining proper heart muscle function.