Joint Care And Mobility

One of the most visible signs of ageing in our pets is a noticeable reduction in their mobility. Once full of life, they start to appear sluggish, are less active on walks and struggle on stairs. The gradual descent into old age can be painful for dogs and heart-breaking for owners.

Joint pain in older pets is not dissimilar to the joint disorders suffered in humans and most often occurring in the hip joint. Joint pain in pets can be reduced and even prevented. It can be caused by a variety of factors, but is commonly linked to the pressure put on joints by obesity in any stage of life and joint trauma caused by falling or jumping awkwardly. Long term feeding on appropriate products as they pass into late adulthood should ensure that your pet gets sufficient nutrition to manage weight and support ageing joints. The Biopets Senior 7+/Light food range contains a formula of vitamins, minerals, fibre and fatty acids to help keep your pets joints stronger for longer.


Glucosamine is a natural chemical compound already present in the body. It is often taken in supplementary quantities by humans to alleviate the pain felt in old age, or by runners to help with knee pain. It helps cartilage continue to repair itself, keeping the cushioning between joints strong and healthy. Glucosamine is found in its highest concentration in the cartilage, and when an animal ages or the joint cartilage is damaged, the body is less able to produce enough glucosamine to keep the joints working smoothly.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a supplement with high levels of sulphur, which helps maintain the structure of the joints connective tissue. Additional levels of sulphur helps the body synthesize collagen, resulting in improved connective tissue health. Sulphur allows for membrane flexibility and promotes cell regeneration. Its antioxidant powers are capable of binding and deactivating the free radicals that attack joints. Studies have suggested that supplementary intake of MSM greatly reduces joint soreness and degradation.


Chondroitin has anti-inflammatory qualities. It helps maintain bone integrity and prevents harmful enzymes from destructing the joint tissue. Chondroitin can also help reduce the chance of blood platelets and cells clumping and clotting in the joints. Related to glucosamine, the only significant natural food source of chondroitin is bone cartilage.