Healthy Heart And Vision


All biopets cat food contains Taurine to help your cat maintain a healthy heart and vision. Taurine is an amino acid, needed by animals for the maintenance of normal vision, heart health, skeletal function and nervous system health.

Why do cats need Taurine?

Taurine can be found in meat and fish and is produced naturally by the digestive system of most mammals. However, cats are one of the few mammals incapable of producing Taurine and must get the entirety of their intake through their diet.

Taurine has been recognised as an essential component of cat food since the late 1980s, all cat foods have made sure to provide enough Taurine to support the particular needs of a cat. Dog food, for example, would be nutritionally insufficient for cats.

Cats can get enough Taurine by eating sufficient animal proteins. However, processing can decrease Taurine levels and added dietary fibre can reduce the ability of a cat to absorb Taurine from food. High quality commercial cat food like Biopets is sure to contain enough Taurine to make sure your cat stays healthy.

What happens if cats don’t get enough Taurine?

A lack of sufficient Taurine intake can have hugely significant effects on the health of your cat, including:

  • Heart Disease: Taurine is a key nutrient in the maintenance of healthy heart muscle cells. Taurine deficiency in cats can lead to dilated cardio myopathy, a weakened heart muscle, which in turn can lead to heart problems and fatality.
  • Blindness: Taurine promotes the proper support and development of important cells in the Retina. If cats do not get enough Taurine from their diet, these cells will not be able to function properly, leading to visual impairment or even loss of sight.